about us

Swedish tubist Jörgen Welander (Thomas Zoller, Howard Johnson & Gravity, Nicole Johänntgen….) and German trombone player Uli Binetsch (Peter Herbolzheimer, Bob Mintzer, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble….), make up LOW PLANET

Two virtuoso musicians join forces, expressing their joy of improvisation relying on a great wealth of experience. There are groovy compositions by both musicians, as well as songs from the Jazz Realbook and Bob Marley’s “I shot the sheriff”.

LOW PLANET often ask guest musicians to join them. On the CD they are accompanied by two excellent guitarists (Johannes Maikranz and Bernd Hess). The have, for example, joined Wolfgang Lackerschmid, one of Europe’s leading vibraphonists several times.

I personally would not have thought it possible that the trombone and tuba would go so well together; exciting, imaginative and full of humour, played in a virtuoso and entertaining manner with great musicality and technical accomplishment at the highest level. Excellent. Highly recommended.

Binetsch and Welander’s improvisations show great intimacy and experience. An amazing duo with a great record. Don’t miss it. (Borkowski, Berlin, Saxophonist with Jazzanova, Meute)

LOW PLANET in short.

Innovative, extraordinary and virtuoso musicians, lively and full of fun.